ANIMA DAMNATA ‘Nefarious Seed Grows To Bring Forth Supremacy Of The Beast’ Full Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Speaking of full, try saying the title of the new Anima Damnata album, ‘Nefarious Seed Grows To Bring Forth Supremacy Of The Beast‘, fast five times in a row.

Godz Ov War and Malignant Voices will release the album digitally and on CD and 12″ vinyl on November 1st. Before then, you can stream this blasphemous third album from the hell-driven Anima Damnata from Poland now.

‘Nefarious Seeds…’ is the band’s first new studio recording in a decade and was engineered and produced by M. (Mgła). The band commented on their new offering, saying:

“‘The “Nefarious Seed…’ was meant to be more intense and overwhelming than our previous releases. It is like a demon sitting on your chest, taking your breath away. Although it is more mature and less chaotic, it strikes with greater precision at the foundations of extreme metal music. This album is rather self-inspired; however, some influences of bands like Deicide, Sarcofago and Morbid Angel may be audible.

The lyrical concept is mostly set upon Promethean values, the inner strength driven by the darkest visions, and the impending end of all religions. The production of the album follows the pattern set on Scott Burns’ early works, but it has been enriched with foul miasma. The ‘Nefarious Seed…’ completes our rapturous Pentalogy dedicated to the Horned Lord. There is a bad moon on the rise, and the future is dark.”


The cover art and additional illustrations were created by Mar. A Artworks and the band logo was designed by Christophe Szpajdel. You can pre-order / purchase it at the following links:

Anima Damnata:

Godz Ov War: |

Malignant Voices:

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