GODS OF DEATH Delivers “Dead Man’s Scream” Video [Ex-Death/Massacre Mbrs]

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Two of death metal’s most iconic figures, both being founders of the genre really, return with new music from their Gods Of Death project.

Guitarist Rick ‘Rozz’ DeLillio and vocalist Kam Lee, both of such legacy acts as Mantas, Death, and Massacre among others, are sharing their new track, “Dead Man’s Scream“.

The track is one of two songs (along with Return To The Caves Of AbominationGods Of Death recently recorded at CGM Studios in Altamonte Springs, Florida with producer Tim Vazquez.

Gods Of Death‘s current lineup also includes drummer Mike Mazzonetto. Bassist and vocalist Michael Grim, who was involved in an early version of the project, is no longer playing with the group. Handling bass duties for Gods Of Death going forward will be Vazquez.

Gods Of Death was born out of a short-lived shot at re-activating Floridian death metal legends Massacre, but as Massacre X. After assurances of legal repercussions from former Massacre drummer Bill Andrews, Rozz and Lee morphed the band into Gods Of Death featuring Rozz’s The End bandmates Michael Grim (bass and vocals) and Mike Mazzonetto (drums).

Now with Tim Vazquez replacing Grim, Gods Of Death‘s plan is to play songs from Massacre‘s From Beyond album, along with a few new tracks and old classics from Death and Mantas.

For more information, visit the GODS OF DEATH Facebook page.

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