MOONLIGHT PROPHECY Stream Full-Length Debut ‘Vanquished’

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Pennsylvania’s Moonlight Prophecy are a relatively new band in every sense of the word. Having just formed in March of this year, they already released their first recorded effort, April’s Eternal Oblivion EP, and are now back with another. That would be their official full-length debut, “Vanquished“, which we present to you today via the Soundcloud stream below.

Moonlight Prophecy, which has members hailing from the United States, Brazil and Norway (probably won’t see them live anytime soon), craft a potent metal elixir. It consists of melodic thrash elements augmented with classic / oldschool / power metal ones also. It’s quite technical and topped off with solid, soaring vocals.

Check out Moonlight Prophecy‘s “Vanquished” now and then hit the band up at the following links:  Facebook  /  Bandcamp

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