Ripple Music’s ‘Second Coming Of Heavy: Chapter 7’ Featuring SWITCHBLADE JESUS & FUZZ EVIL Nears

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Ripple Music‘s ongoing split release series, “The Second Coming Of Heavy” continues as the upcoming Chapter 7 nears release. The pairing of acts placed head to head on each offering changes from release to release.  

This newest one sees two of the U.S.’ very best from the underground included on this latest edition.  Dropping on December 8th, Ripple Music‘s “The Second Coming Of Heavy – Chapter 7: Switchblade Jesus / Fuzz Evil” is sure to be the next impressive step in the highly popular series.

From Corpus Christi, Texas comes Switchblade Jesus, aka Eric Calvert (Vocals / Guitar), Jon Elizondo (Drums), and Chris Black (bass).  The trio’s style of bluesy, psyche-fueled doom and outright gritty, hard rock music is like everything else from their home state.  Hugely massive, overpowering rock and roll that will drop your ass in under ten paces.

Not to be outdone comes Sierra Vista, Arizona’s raw, punk-ish tinted, lo-fi desert dwellers Fuzz Evil.  The band’s current line-up is Orgo Martinez on drums, Wayne Rudell on guitar and vocals, and his brother Joey Rudell on bass and vocals.  This trio pull out all the stops as they deliver their own take-no-prisoners acid rock sonics.

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