IRON MAIDEN Streaming Entire ‘The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter’ Videos

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Iron Maiden are streaming all 15 tracks of their upcoming  “The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter” video on their YouTube channel here. All all 15 visual tracks which were captured on the road during “The Book Of Souls World Tour” in 2016 and 2017. They include:

Video Tracks:

01. If Eternity Should Fail [Live at Sydney, Australia]
02. Speed Of Light [Live at Cape Town, South Africa]
03. Wrathchild [Live at Dublin, Ireland]
04. Children Of The Damned [Live at Montreal, Canada]
05. Death Or Glory [Live at Wroclaw, Poland]
06. The Red And The Black [Live at Tokyo, Japan]
07. The Trooper [Live at San Salvador, El Salvador]
08. Powerslave [Live at Trieste, Italy]
09. The Great Unknown [Live at Newcastle, UK]
10. The Book Of Souls [Live at Donington, UK]
11. Fear Of The Dark [Live at Fortaleza, Brazil]
12. Iron Maiden [Live at Buenos Aires, Argentina]
13. Number Of The Beast [Live at Wacken, Germany]
14. Blood Brothers [Live at Donington, UK]
15. Wasted Years [Live at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]

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