BORRACHO Shares “Border Crossing” Track & ‘Riffography’ Compilation Details

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

December 8th will see an amazing compilation release from D.C. heavyweights and bona fide power trio, Borracho.    

Riffography‘ will drop that day through Ripple Music, providing a narrative of studio outtakes, 7″ off-album tracks, and more, with each providing a glimpse at the band from differing periods of this first decade of the band’s existence.

The ‘Riffography’ collection begins around the time of Borracho‘s first 2008 single “Rectify” to the just-announced “Border Crossing” 7” single, and it features artwork by Andrea Nakasato. ‘Riffography’ was mastered for digital release by Tony Reed at HeavyHead Recording Company in Port Orchard, WA, and will officially be released worldwide on 8th December via Ripple Music.

The previously unreleased track “Border Crossing” was recorded and mixed by Frank Marchand in 2014, as part of the ‘Second Coming Of Heavy’ sessions. After opting not to include the song at that time, it is now streaming below. Its B-side is a previously unreleased cover version of The Scorpions’ “Animal Magnetism“, by the way.

This super limited edition 7” will be available in transparent yellow, orange, and blue, as well as classic black. There’s more than one outlet to obtain the “Border Crossing” 7″ – H42 Records (here) will release it on Dec. 8th for European fans, as will Borracho themselves at this location.

Steve Fisher – Guitar, Vocals
Tim Martin – Bass
Mario Trubiano – Drums

01. Rectify
02. Circulos Concentricos
03. Mob Gathering
04. Short Ride (When It’s Over)
05. Stockpile
06. Know the Score
07. Know My Name
08. King’s Disease
09. Fight the Prophets
10. Superego
11. Shark Tank
12. Border Crossing
13. Animal Magnetism

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