SHADOW WITCH Reveal 12/15 Release For New LP ‘DISCIPLES OF THE CROW’ via Salt Of The Earth Records; Preorder up NOW

(By Leanne Ridgeway, Owner/Chief Editor,

Kingston, New York’s Shadow Witch confirms the flight dates for their upcoming album, ‘Disciples Of The Crow‘.  The band’s second full-length is set for official release through Salt Of The Earth Records on December 15thwith pre-order available as of November 27th.   

In 2015, a crew of veteran musicians in Kingston, New York shared a passion to create powerfully original music.  Shadow Witch drew musical influences from various directions, but their goals were simple – harness decades of experience into a cohesive, monstrous sound.  Considering members of Shadow Witch are known from previous bands such as Murphy’s Law, Hellride 102, Blue Coyote, Voodelic, Cold War Survivor, and The Blind Ambassadors, the velocity by which those goals were met is no surprise.

In August 2016, Shadow Witch released their first full-length album ‘Sun Killer’, to excellent reviews from the international heavy music community.  The album is a diverse assemblage of songs pulling in doom, thrash, psychedelic and stoner metal, and they back it up with intense, explosive live shows to annihilate any listener hesitation.

While band member resumes may have eased their footing inside the door of many venues, their future is unquestionably solid.  Shadow Witch begins a new chapter in their music history with the official release of ‘Disciples Of The Crow’ on December 15, 2017, via Salt Of The Earth Records.

Shadow Witch returns with an amazing new release filled with mood, atmosphere, and killer riffs and vocals.  Eight songs are all that’s needed to raise you above the light, surround you in darkness, and bind your ears, hearts, and mind as one.

Shadow Witch is coming for you.



David Pannullo (bass)
Doug “Beans” Thompson (drums)
Earl Walker Lundy (vocals, mellotron, samples)
Jeremy H. Hall (guitars)

‘Disciples Of The Crow’ – Track List:
1. Love Could Be Like This
2. Reap
3. Cruel
4. Disciples Of The Crow
5. Stranger Skies
6. The Sea
7. Beneath The Veil
8. Dead Heroes

All songs on ‘Disciples Of The Crow’ were written and performed by Shadow Witch.  The album was recorded between May and August 2017, by Earl Walker Lundy at Temple Of The Downward Witness, with mixing and mastering by Paul Orofino at Millbrook Sound Studio.

Additional performance on ‘The Sea‘ with Nicholas Thompson (tympani) and Nick Glosque (operatic voicing).

Cover illustration by Earl Walker Lundy (after Frank Frazetta), Shadow Witch logo by David Paul Seymour, layout and graphics by Bill Kole**, band photography by Kristin Troost Hall.

Disciples Of The Crow‘ was inspired by the writings of Robert W. Chambers, H.P. Lovecraft, and Stephen King.

PRE-ORDER STARTS MONDAY 11/27/2017 (click here)

Official Release date is Friday, December 15, 2017, with pre-orders expected to begin shipping on Friday, December 8th, from Salt Of The Earth Records .

More info on Shadow Witch:

Bandcamp  /  Facebook  /  Spotify  /  Instagram  /  YouTube


**Bill Kole is also our wonderful illustrator who collaborated to create the Riff Relevant logos!

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