Domgård Streams True Black Album ‘Ödelagt’ Ahead Of Official Release

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

For their third official full-length studio outing within their near 20 year long legacy, Sweden’s Domgård are about to deliver the long-delayed “Ödelagt“. This lengthy, blackest of melodic metallic presences will be released this Friday, December 1st, on Carnal Records (a label partially run by Johan “Shamaatae” Lagher of Arckanum). The album happens to come almost a year after an originally planned release through the apparently now-defunct Daemon Worship Records.

Today, Riff Relevant is one of few outlets presenting you this grand opus and its ode to the darker side of Germanic paganism. The shadowy movements of grandiosity occurring within this music is a nod to the ancient tales of “dark Germanic heathenism”. Enjoy them now via the Soundcloud embed below.


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