MANGOO Shares Pre-Release Stream Of ‘The Heat’; Official Videos

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Finnish multi-genre mixing rock act MANGOO (pronounced “man go”) are set to unleash their new studio album, “The Heat“, via Small Stone Records tomorrow, Dec. 8th.  

Riff Relevant is excited to present a full stream of the album today via the Soundcloud embed below.  To be blunt, “The Heat” is one hell of a truly impressive record. It contains fifty-three minutes of masterful heavy rock and roll forged with a wall of thick, fuzz-fueled guitars and hard-hitting drums with an added sprinkling of analog synth sounds.

It and MANGOO combine grunge, classic heavy rock, and progressive psychedelic spaciousness into a unique sound that surpasses the boundaries expected of rock and roll.

MANGOO is Richard “Pickles” Dahllund (vocals, guitar), Mathias “Mattarn” Åkerlund (guitar, backing vocals), Igor del Toro (bass, backing vocals), Teemu Pulkkinen (drums, backing vocals), and Niklas Björklund (keyboards, backing vocals, noisemaker, engineer).

Check out “The Heat” now and make sure to experience its closing cover of Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time“.  The album is available for pre-order (and purchase tomorrow) here. 

Further down, you will find MANGOO‘s official videos for “Relief” and “Beyond The Sky” also.

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