ATOMWINTER Unveil ‘Catacombs’ Details; Share New Song ‘Necromancer’

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Germany’s punishing oldschool death metal purveyors, Atomwinter, will return with their third studio offering in early 2018. “Catacombs” will be released on February 9th on CD, gate-fold LP and in digital formats from Trollzorn Recordings.

The new record from Atomwinter is sure to deliver another corpse-rendering bombardment of oldschool style death metal. Thunderous headbanging surely awaits if today’s shared audio track, “Necromancer“, is an early indicator of what we can expect.


“Dark Messiah”
“Sadistic Intent”
“Ancient Rites”
“Gathering Of The Undead”
“Carved In Stone”
“Morbid Lies”
“Funeral Of Flesh”

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