Exclusive: LEFT HAND PATH Premieres Self-Titled EP

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

It has been a few short days since we shared an article [link] promoting the imminent arrival of the self-titled EP from Romanian heralds of heaviness, LEFT HAND PATH.

Today, we are ecstatically doubling down on our support of the band with the premiere of a stream of the EP, from start to finish, and everything in between. If you survive the experience then you will be able to obtain ‘Left Hand Path‘ when it arrives on June 17th from Loud Rage Music.

The members of LEFT HAND PATH know all about survival and perseverance, the outcomes of self-determination emboldened by strength in numbers. As seasoned musicians with a hardened stubbornness one can only acquire by having done time in the trenches of the metal underground, the warriors of LEFT HAND PATH live to forge their own advance. A recent statement offered by the band summarizes this in the best possible way:

The path you make for yourself, the road less traveled. The one you lead on and not blindly follow. The way you travel to find who you are, and what secrets the world holds for you. Freedom of thought and of spirit.”

As is the case with so many things in life, this band was not always as-is, its members are or were previously active elsewhere in other bands. Though, in time, Cristian Aionese (vocals; ex-Skullp, Malpraxis), Wagner Tamás (guitars; ex-Malpraxis, Spiritual Ravishment), Attila Szenasi (bass; ex-Negură Bunget, ex-Malpraxis), José Morales (drums; ex-Marchosias, ex-Dark Aevum), and Ádám András (guitars; ex-The Hourglass, ex-Toy Machines) would unite together in LEFT HAND PATH.

For those familiar with the Left-Hand Path aspect of Western esotericism, the process leading to the formation of this band could be viewed as the formula solve et coagula (“dissolve and preserve”). The quintet did indeed follow their own individual paths and along the way, discovered like-minded others of considerable talents. With a little assistance from fate, this penta-metallic unit unified under the banner of LEFT HAND PATH, where they galvanized into something stronger than steel.

Their weaponized style of heavy-handed audio incorporates forward advancing progressive thrash and fluid groove-infused metal elements. With ballistic intent, they are melded into a machination of grandly designed death metal, the type wielded with aggression and merciless precision. We invite you to experience it now in this first strike salvo, the pre-release stream of the band’s eponymous EP.

Left Hand Path‘ was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Liveset Studios in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with engineers Doru Cailean and Sebastian Damian. Adorned with artwork created by artist Alexandru Das, the self-titled EP from LEFT HAND PATH will arrive June 17th from Loud Rage Music. Find format based pre-order available at these links:

Jewel Case CD  /  Digital


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