Oldschool Sunday: DISAVOWED [First New Music In 13 Years]

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Class is now in session but today, we won’t be going so far back as some of our recent #OSS spotlights have visited, but still, far enough to satisfy the criteria.

We find ourselves in The Netherlands, Amsterdam to be specific, and just a mere two decades ago. The year is 2000 and as one death metal band comes to an end, another death metal band is born and brought forward. The one coming to its cessation is Nocturnal Silence, active for six years, during which time they released three demos. For whatever reasons, they feel as if they need a fresh start, a clean slate if you will. You know, new millennium, new sonic vehicle for taking crushing music brutality to the masses, and all that.


Early 2000 sees vocalist Robbert Kok, guitarist Gerben van der Bij, bassist Nils Berndsen, guitarist/vocalist Joel Sta, and drummer Robbert Vrijenhoek reemerge as DISAVOWED. Almost immediately, the quintet independently release the 3-song ‘Point Of Few‘ demo and what it contains is nothing short of impressive. Remember, these are not some newbie amateurs, they are experienced players, ones that are used to playing together. This shows too, revealed upon this demo’s material, the sort heavily influenced by bands like Suffocation, Broken Hope and Malevolent Creation.

The demo catches the interest of the American label Unique Leader Records who soon sign DISAVOWED and in 2001, the first record for the label arrives. ‘Perceptive Deception‘ is recorded as a four piece, without Joel Sta, yet reception to the album is mostly positive. The release is followed by a 5-week tour in the United States and Canada in 2002, and a 4-week European tour in 2003. Things are going good for DISAVOWED but as we know all too well, such never lasts and in 2004, the band are sidelined.

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Drummer Robbert Vrijenhoek has been dealing with wrist injuries for a rather lengthy period of time and can no longer continue doing so. The band has scheduled commitments and will eventually take in Despondency’s Dirk Janssen for their drummer on a temporary basis. DISAVOWED play numerous regional shows to warm up before heading to Japan and Hong Kong on tour in April 2006. Once they do return home, the band eventually name Romain Goulon (Aggressor, Arsebreed) as their new, permanent drummer.

After the summer of 2007 is spent playing festivals, DISAVOWED return to the studio, where they record their sophomore album. Before the end of the year, they release ‘Stagnated Existence’ for a new label, Neurotic Records, and undertake a 5-week European tour with Cannibal Corpse to promote it. By the middle of 2008, old problems arise once again as drummer Romain Goulon exits the band, with Kevin Foley eventually named as his replacement.

Though DISAVOWED never broke up or announced a band hiatus, they entered a state semi-inactivity when it came to recording any new albums. They would remain “studio free” for well over a decade and then, in 2017, new drummer Septimiu Hărşan (CodeRed, ex-Pestilence) joined the band. Three more years passed and 2020 arrived, and with it, news of the long awaited third studio album from DISAVOWED!


The label Brutal Mind will release the new, full-length DISAVOWED album, ‘Revocation Of The Fallen‘ on July 31st. Today, we are revealing the Jorg de Vos-created cover artwork, track-listing, and sharing the first new single from DISAVOWED in 13 years, “The Enlightened One“, via lyric video below.

This is most definitely where the “oldschool” part of today’s segment is applicable for DISAVOWED epitomize every aspect of the word. With their traditional style savagery and non-stop death metal body blows, the band are back to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: global recognition and respect (so give it up).

DISAVOWEDRevocation Of The Fallen‘ is available to pre-order now at the following locations:

BRUTAL MIND Webstore   /   BRUTAL MIND Bandcamp


01. The Process Of Comprehension
02. The Enlightened One
03. Revocation Of The Fallen
04. Imposed Afterlife
05. Deformed Construct
06. Therapeutic Dissonance
07. Defractured In Contemplation
08. Egocentric Entity
09. The Inevitable Outcome
10. Facing The Singularity

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