Leanne Ridgeway
Editor-In-Chief , Owner
Email: Leanne@riffrelevant.com

I've been involved with music promotion, marketing, public relations, merchandising, & web development since 1998.  Have worked with various genre musicians, bands, indie labels, as well as non-music companies and individuals for nearly 20 years.  While this is not my main income gig (actually zero income), this is my main passion.

I started Riff Relevant due to being choked to tears by music genre elitists stifling creativity within categories, coupled with an incessant need to share all the music I love, regardless of genre specifications.  I'm a code geek, music addict, art lover, live music show attendee, freelance writer, photo taker, editor, smirker, & sharer of all that is heavy music.

I've collected vinyl records & all other music formats since childhood.  At the age of 10, I caused a 1" tear on an inner sleeve & got some dog hair on my older brother's 'Diary Of A Madman' record ('ruined', per him).  I've ridden that hate trolley ever since.

Yes, I double space between sentences.  Yes, I use the Oxford comma.  I also have a crush on ampersands.  I will continue the fight for the rights of obscure punctuation & defend my Island of Misfit Music Writers.  Come at me, bro.

I also own & operate Mettle Media PR (Mettle Media LLC), which provides publicity & public relations services to primarily heavy music artists & labels.  It is the parent company of RiffRelevant.com.

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