BLOOD OF ANGELS ‘Rise Of The Fallen Gods’ EP Review; Official Video

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From the planetary home of globally wide Death Metal, Florida, comes Blood Of Angels and their imminent Rise Of The Fallen Gods‘ EP. Expected to drop on April 21st, the three-song offering is a volatile blend of death metal, melodic thrash, and progressive metal. Featuring either present or past members of such acts as Foreshadow, Motograter, Leprosy, Denied ‘Til Death, and more, Blood Of Angels seem poised for an all-out assault with the release.

The guys, Aaron Robinson (guitar), Michael Stuart (bass), Chris Iibucha (vocals), and Kevin Phillips (drums) seem more than able to create intensely multifaceted music that could easily draw comparisons to Dark Tranquility and a much deathlier Iron Maiden. Laden with intricate playing, originality, and ample progressive tendencies, these three tracks are both impressive and energized.



The furious flurry of the opening song “Miscreant Deeds Of Loki” is a WFO unleashing of tight rhythms and fret-scorching guitar antics. Hellishly guttural vokills rumble forth and things are off the chain with this amazing start. Followed up by the superb “Odin’s Wrath,” a European flavored example of top-notch Viking Metal like that of Amon Amarth. This song was recently given the official video treatment as well, thanks to Chroma Visual Arts.

The all-too-soon closing of the EP comes from “Final War,” which has quickly become my own favorite song here. It’s a spiraling tempest of shredding guitar, machine-gun drumming, and has some of the most brutal vocals to be found on the EP.

With ‘Rise Of The Fallen Gods‘, Jacksonville’s Blood Of Angels sets the bar high and never disappoints on any level. This is beefy, pounding Death Metal crafted by and for those who live to partake of such. Clearly, this band intends to keep the legacy of Florida’s Death Metal origins alive, undead, and thriving!


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