SHADOW GIANT ‘Honkytonk On The Moon’ EP Review & Stream

Shadow Giant - Honkytonk On The Moon
Shadow Giant – Honkytonk On The Moon

We are all well aware of the fact that Louisiana has been a hotbed of killer bands and music for decades, it’s just simple truth. The recent months have seen a rapid influx of more killer bands and albums keeping LA on the map, too. With new works from White Light Cemetery, Electric Age, Forming The Void and more, the swamp-laden realm of the U.S. that birthed sludge itself keeps us well rocked. Today, I’m here to present yet another LA-based band that has just issued a fantastic amalgamated effort , Shadow Giant

Their latest album is the five-song “Honkytonk On The Moon“, delivered back in early January 2017, and has been making gradual forward movements ever since. Comprised of monumental musical factors incorporating Southern metal, sludge, psychedelia, doom and stoner/classic rock, Shadow Giant are some downright righteous dudes. Those dudes are guitarist/vocalist J. Harrison, guitarist/vocalist Byron Daniel, bassist Tim Weaver and drummer David Carroll.

Within Honkytonk On The Moon, there is a range of flavor to the songs, like the Molly Hatchet-gone-to-hell energy of intro cut “Dan-O Heads West“, to the slow crawling of “Monty Ran For Beer“. We have nods to straight up Southern Doom on “Vir Antiquus“, a track with some incendiary guitars and thick-ass rhythms.

My favorite song at this time is perhaps “Spiro Agnew“, due to it’s alternating intensities and regulated deliveries. One moment things are sedate and somewhat chill and then instantly explosive and pummeling. The closing cut, “Suckass Paycheck“, is a slab of psyche-tinged, swampy doom that features one of the best vocal performances of the record.

Shadow Giant cast a giant shadow indeed with “Honkytonk On The Moon” and if doom from below the Mason/Dixon Line is your thing, then you need to make THIS your thing, too.

Check out the Bandcamp stream embedded below and you won’t need any further convincing I’m sure. RIYL Sixty Watt Shaman, Clutch, Planet Of Zeus.

Shadow Giant
Shadow Giant
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