ELECTRIC AGE ‘Sleep Of The Silent King’ Album Review & Streams

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

One of Louisiana’s more promising acts, Electric Age, recently released their phenomenal, full-length album ‘Sleep Of The Silent King‘ through Argonauta Records. Since then, stellar reviews, avid accolades, and increased attention has been heaped upon this Southern power trio, and deservedly so.

Shawn Tucker (guitar, bass, vocals), Jason Ogle (bass, guitar, vocals), and Kelly Davis (drums, vocals) are purveyors of finely honed heavy rock. It does not end there, with ample loads of doom and metallic swagger, the power of three personified provides plenty of immensely muscular music to enjoy here.

The 12-song offering that is ‘Sleep Of The Silent King‘ is a riff-driven masterpiece of thickly dense guitars, resounding rhythms, and demolishing drumming. Crafted with a burly attitude rippling through every note and tone, things instantly pull you right in from the start. That bondage begins with the brief intro provided by the melodic “The Threshold“, a beautiful acoustic-tinged greeting that builds in intensity as it is unfurled.

When “Shepherd And The Raven” does arrive, it emits some thrilling grooves, tempered with the laid back personality that permeates each fiber of this record. Other cuts like the infectious rocker “Robes Of Grey“, “Sleep Of Winter“, and “Electric Age” possess that same sure-footing, but energized and amped up to the Nth degree.



Other songs provide damn near perfect examples of another specialty the Electric Age guys excel at: Doom! Lethal numbers like “Coldwitch” and “Black Galleons” are impacted with foreboding turns and leaden heaviness. Capable of so much evolving diversity, the trio manages to stretch their musical legs even further with hauntingly jarring songs. “Priestess Pt. 1” and “Pt. 2” both will scar your very soul. Meanwhile, “Silent King“, “Elders“, and “The Dreaming” are massive constructs emanating nuances of modern alt. rock and even touches of nu-metal.

The truest take away here is the ultra-incredible début that is ‘Sleep Of The Silent King‘ from Electric Age. Meaning, you should own this album by now. If you don’t, you are actively mistreating yourself, your music collection, and even your friends. Yes, that last one because this is an album you want… no, MUST share with everyone you know.

It is so wide-ranging, so intricately multifaceted and enthralling, that something will astound you with each new listen. I suggest you take the opportunity right now, with the Bandcamp album stream below… just in case you are one of those masochistic types still suffering the emptiness of not owning this magnificent record.



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