MOON CIRCLE ‘The Cosmic Penguins’ EP Review

Moon Circle EP

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From France, we get the latest discovery of Moon Circle and their freshly issued four-song EP, ‘The Cosmic Penguins‘. Chock full of thick fuzz riffs, rolling rhythmic rallies, and solid, tight-knit drumming to boot.

In fact, things are bursting at the seams here with abundant loads of bluesy psychedelia and superb stoner rock, all done with a cool vintage sound presentation, as well. Moon Circle‘s membership – drummer Julien, bassist Quentin, and guitarist Terence – delivers the goods with every moment of the hard rock goodness contained here.

These four cuts, “669“, “Missteak”, “The March Of The Cosmic Penguins,” and “Rickenbaked” (my fave!) are thumping with vintage grooves. Genuinely retro-vibed and resonating with hazy overtones, the scorching content of the EP is the very definition of the Seventies sound… or Classic Rock if you prefer.

You will be impressed with this EP, I do believe. To see if my claim is valid, check it out via the Bandcamp embed below. Once there, you can link to a previous Moon Circle EP release from 2013.


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