LOCK UP Streaming ‘Demonization’ Album In Full

Grindcore supergroup Lock Up are streaming their latest Listenable Records album release, ‘Demonization‘.   

The album is out now in Europe with a U.S. release date expected to be announced soon. Lock Up‘s current lineup is: Shane Embury, Kevin Sharp, Nick Barker and Anton Reisenegger.

Demonization tracklisting:

“Blood And Emptiness”
“The Decay Within The Abyss”
“Demons Raging”
“Desolation Architect”
“Instruments Of Armageddon”
“The Plague That Stalks The Darkness”
“Foul From The Pure”
“Mind Fight”
“Secret Parallel World”
“We Challenge Death”

Bonus tracks:

“Life To Grave”
“Shut The Light”

Album stream:

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