RED BEARD WALL Unveils The Deeply Heavy ‘Bottom Of A Well’ [Streaming]

A track première from the multifaceted one-man monstrosity that is Red Beard Wall has arrived. ‘Bottom Of A Well‘ is a powerful amalgamation of experimental metal, post-hardcore and alternative rock.

Bottom Of A Well‘ fires away on so many cylinders that it gets hard to tell where it will go next. That is a wonderful thing, indeed. With a veritable rush of densely heavy riffs and screamo vocals one moment, things immediately veer into Nineties style alt./grunge the next.

It has been revealed that Red Beard Wall will issue its eponymous titled début via Argonauta Records on May 12th. If ‘Bottom Of The Well‘ is any type of gauge, then we should be in for one hella interesting release once that happens.

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