Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Denver, Colorado savages Primitive Man recently wrapped up recording their sophomore album and were planning to hit the road with Weedeater. Unfortunately, their tour van has been undergoing repairs and has incurred expenses related to it.

As a result, the band has had to miss a couple of dates of the tour but has now rejoined the trek. To help cover their current expenses, Primitive Man is making a newly recorded 2-track EP, ‘Fear/A Life Of Turmoil‘, available for both streaming and purchase (below). All the money will go towards the van repairs so that the band can go back on tour.

Here’s the full announcement by the band:

“Hi. If you were looking forward to seeing Primitive Man in Nebraska, Illinois or Wisconsin on our tour with Weedeater this week, we would like to apologize because we will not be making it. After taking our van in to get an oil change and some routine maintenance done it was returned to us in way worse shape than we dropped it off in. The short version of this story is that they destroyed the engine and now we have to ‘meet them in the middle’ to cover the repair costs because neither party can necessarily ‘prove’ that the other one is at fault.

“Last week, after recording for our next full length, we paid for an extra day at Flatline Audio to record some noise tracks. Though these were not supposed to be revealed to the public this way (or necessarily under this name), we could use some financial assistance in paying for van repairs. Regardless of whether or not anyone buys these tracks, we will still be making whatever shows we can as soon as the van is finished.

“These are in the vein of the P//M record that Crown and Throne Ltd. released, but they were recorded in a pro studio and a lot more care was put into these than our noise tracks have been able to receive in the past. I would also classify these as more drone/ambient than harsh noise. Anyway, if you’re into it-download. And if not, you can stream them for free. We should also have a shirt design up online as well tomorrow. Thank you. P//M”


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