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Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

Earlier this month, Glory or Death Records revealed their “Bow To Your Masters” series of tribute compilations, the first of which is for one of the most influential heavy rock bands ever… Thin Lizzy!

We have an update on the planned release time and the confirmed list of all bands involved in this glory. The releases’ Kickstarter campaign reached its goal in mere days, surpassing expectations, and still has a few weeks left to the May 30th campaign end. The campaign pre-order features digital, as well as highly-limited editions of several vinyl and art packages. Also, some upcoming surprise rewards are expected to be revealed in the latter part of the campaign.

Those backing the campaign at this stage are granted access to the first pressing of ‘Bow to Your Masters Volume 1: Thin Lizzy’, featuring some of today’s best underground heavy metal, hard rock, and heavy psych music artists.


Cover Art Panel 2 - Bow to your Masters Volume 1: Thin Lizzy
Cover Art Panel 2 – Bow To Your Masters Volume 1: Thin Lizzy


Each band is creating their own unique spin on a classic Thin Lizzy song for the release. This Glory Or Death Records tribute compilation has a truly amazing roster of heavy rock, metal, and stoner rock artists, all hailing from some of the most innovative heavy music labels around. Bands from Doomentia Records, Riding Easy Records, Ripple Music, Tee Pee Records, and Totem Cat Records, just to name a few.

The TEN bands coming along for this ride are:

Mos Generator (Port Orchard, WA) | Egypt (Fargo, ND) | White Dog (Austin, TX) | Red Wizard (San Diego, CA) | Slow Season (Visalia, CA) | Mothership (Dallas, TX) | KOOK (San José, CA) | Great Electric Quest (Oceanside, CA) | Sacri Monti (Encinitas, CA) | Harsh Toke (San Diego, CA)

The launch teaser video for the Kickstarter campaign includes a sample of Mos Generator‘s monster cover of “Massacre” (below), with more teasers on the Kickstarter campaign page, including Egypt’s version of “Suicide”.


glory or death records bow to your masters volume 1: thin lizzy


The rest of the tracks will be revealed before the end of the campaign. The album release has a current target of sometime in November. The album cover jacket features art from the renowned album and poster artists David Paul Seymour and Austin Barrett. The four-panel cover will feature re-interpretations of classic Thin Lizzy photos and album covers.

The Kickstarter campaign has various reward tiers, some of which include one of the four original art pieces that make up the cover, as well as signed screen-prints of the four cover panels. The David Paul Seymour art is featured in the launch video created by Soul Effective Productions.


Cover Art Panel 1 - Bow to your Masters Volume 1: Thin Lizzy
Cover Art Panel 1 – Bow To Your Masters Volume 1: Thin Lizzy

Mos Generator – Massacre
Egypt – Suicide
White Dog – ???
Red Wizard – ???
Slow Season – ???
Mothership – ???
KOOK – Thunder and Lightning
Great Electric Quest – ???
Sacri Monti – ???
Harsh Toke – ???



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