FOTOCRIME (Ex-Coliseum’s Ryan Patterson) Debuts ‘Always Hell’ Official Video From Just-Released EP

Fotocrime is the newest project from Ryan Patterson, formerly of Louisville, KY.’s Coliseum. In Fotocrime, he goes by the moniker R. Pattern which is fine, because this band is nothing like his earlier one.   

This band specializes in dark, retro-fused Post-Rock, similar to acts of the past, such as The Church or Sisters Of Mercy. The perfect example of this bleak, gloomy music is the new official video for the 7″ title track, found below.

Fotocrime released its début three-song EP, entitled ‘Always Hell‘ yesterday (Friday, May 12th). It was recorded at Magpie Cage Studio under the auspice of J. Robbins (Clutch, The Sword, The Bakerton Group).

You can purchase a copy of it from their Bandcamp page here.

1.  Always Hell
2. Plate Glass Eyes
3. Tectonic Shift

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