BLACKSHEEP ‘Weather Report’ EP Review, Stream & Video Debut

From Bucharest, Romania comes the new three-song offering from Blacksheep, ‘Weather Report‘. Released a little over a week ago, this forecast bodes heavy metallic storms and hard rock thunder a’ plenty is headed your way.   Continue reading “BLACKSHEEP ‘Weather Report’ EP Review, Stream & Video Debut”


From Sylhet, Bangladesh comes the two-man duo of groovened stoner doom, Moonshiner, and their 2 track self-titled demo. The project has only been at it since the middle of 2016, but Ruzlan (Necrolepsy) and Muttaki Shafayet (Psychotron, Necrolepsy) are ready to unleash their beast on the masses.     Continue reading “MOONSHINER S/T Demo Review”