From Sylhet, Bangladesh comes the two-man duo of groovened stoner doom, Moonshiner, and their 2 track self-titled demo. The project has only been at it since the middle of 2016, but Ruzlan (Necrolepsy) and Muttaki Shafayet (Psychotron, Necrolepsy) are ready to unleash their beast on the masses.    

Comprised of concrete-thick riffs so dense they are bulletproof, a bluesy doom brew begins to boil. Plodding and pumping along, both tracks, ‘Demon Sugar‘ and ‘Never Enough’, tackle the subject of drug abuse.

They tackle it with Sabbathian worship and a bellowing, bizarre vocal style, but they make it work. The tracks are heavy, rhythmic and just as oddly addictive as the source of their subject matter.

This demo will be self-released by Moonshiner on June 3rd. It’s just a taste of their forthcoming release, an EP that will contain both of the demo tracks and other material.

Moonshiner will be available on CDR (Limited Copies) and Digital (Bandcamp) formats. You can pre-order/purchase it here.

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