BLACKSHEEP ‘Weather Report’ EP Review, Stream & Video Debut

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From Bucharest, Romania comes the new three-song offering from Blacksheep, Weather Report‘. Released a little over a week ago, this forecast bodes heavy metallic storms and hard rock thunder a’ plenty is headed your way.

The quartet at the eye of this turbulent tempest is Liviu Gugui (vox/guitars), Andrei Costan (guitars), Silviu Ruta (bass), and Cuza Penescu (drums). What this fierce foursome delivers up is an onslaught of electrified energy and unrelenting rocking, too.

Things roll out with the infectiously feel-good title track, “Weather Report” and its aggressive, Motorhead-like vibes. Catchy riffs and some happy-go-lucky, carefree jamming powers this song on while some galloping drums keep it grounded.

There are also some dual vocals happening, male and female at times, and it’s very easy to get caught up in the getting down going on. Just check out the band’s recent official video première for the song and you’ll see, and hear, what I mean:


Blacksheep really cut loose on the second song “Heartkilling“, a number that begins with some very Ministry-ish riffs. Soon they get the groove locked down for the verses before reprising the blistering guitars when called for. Chunky and chugging, the track is a rager that hosts some straightforward aggro vocals.

The EP winds down with “A Story For You“, another groove-fueled tune with definite Euro flavoring in the mix. Once again, the energy levels are amped up as the players apply their super tight-knit playing style and keep things moving. Some very cool guitar leads and solos are unleashed in this cut, too.

Romania’s Blacksheep squadron are some righteous dudes who give us a stellar good time with the ‘Weather Report‘. Not a cloud in sight and things are clearly good to go for some hot rockin’ here. Check it out!

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