GREEN LUNG “Green Man Rising” Single Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

It seems as if each new day brings the revelation of yet another fantastic band hailing from the U.K. and today is no exception. In fact, that recent ritual continues with a fantastic foursome from London, Green Lung.

Theirs is an even more impressive tale than most when you learn that the band just formed this year, 2017, and this is their first official recorded outing. ‘Green Man Rising‘ is a two-song Single, or 7″ and B-side, whichever you prefer to call it.

The men making up Green Lung are vocalist Tom Killingbeck, guitarist Scott Masson, bassist Andrew Cave, and drummer Matt Wiseman. The four are either current/former members of stoner heavies Oak, occult doom trio Tomb King, and instrumental sludge minimalists Deadbox Radio. Together, Green Lung wield some magnificent sonics, my friends.

Those sonics come to vibrant, luscious life in the first track, “Green Man Rising“. After a brief intro of what sounds like radio static surfing, things bust loose in such a manner that would make Jimi Hendrix himself green with envy. Relentless jamming drives things home right from the get-go, as a furious onslaught cuts loose. Punchy rhythms and soulful vocals do their thing, while the guitar solos go off the rails, all before a clean break into some heady psychedelia mid-way. It’s at this point that I was reminded a bit of the guys’ fellow Brits, Sergeant Thunderhoof… and damn fine comparison, mind you.

An immediate change in styling heralds the arrival of “Freak On A Peak with a bit o’ doom at first, before settling into some smooth grooves. That groove is a full-on melodic psyche that soon ramps up into some still-hazy doominess. Things do a bit of alternating circulating from there on, soft and smooth then heavy and hard. All the while the quartet delivers an amazing performance on this second stellar selection.

So, let it be known that Green Lung has arrived and will put you under their thumb for the span of these two tracks. You will like it there, too, as we rejoice. The densely, dank, Stoner Rock of ‘Green Man Rising‘ is not only streaming below but is also being offered as an NYP (Name Your Price) Item.

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