THE ACID GUIDE SERVICE ‘Vol. 11’ Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

Who knew that there was such heavy, trippin’ balls psyche-infused stoner rock happening in The Spud State? Yeah, that’s right, Idaho has sent us what is soon to be their favorite sons given time, The Acid Guide Service.  

And it seems fellow underground music pensters Paul Rote and Bucky Brown have been keeping this one all to themselves (or maybe I just missed something, who knows). What is important is I’m here now, ready to turn on, tune in and drop out… oh, and turn the damn amps to ‘Vol. 11‘ and kick out the jams, MF’ers!

Clearly one of the best damn psyche /fuzz / stoner rock outings that I’ve heard in recent times, The Acid Guide Service have this down to the letters LSD.

Gravitationally heavy riffs augmented with blistering guitar leads and solos, sweat soaked, boogie-worthy rhythms and chunky drums are here in mother lode amounts. Solid, superbly complimentary vocals meld with the music for a phenomenal record from start to finish.

Guitarist / vocalist Russ Walker, bassist / vocalist Tyler Walker and drummer Nick McGarvey are just “3 dudes from the high desert, into loud amps, and cheap thrills” as they put it.

However, I’ll put it like this: Three sonic shamans from an off-Earth astral realm where Zen-like nirvana is achieved through lysergic, third eye-opening auditory transmissions. You too can reach enlightenment if you will follow the teachings of The Acid Guide Service and their how-to manual, ‘Vol. 11‘.

Introduction and instruction begins with the Bandcamp embed below. Once there, you can shirk off the trappings of materialism by snagging this jewel as a FREE download right now.

Favorite songs: ‘Rock ‘N Roll (Is The Drug I’m On)‘ and ‘Black Leather Jesus‘.

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  1. Fantastic album no doubt. We haven’t been keeping it quiet, however, its easy to miss the word in this day and age as there is so much good shit every day. Nice review.

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