CLUTCH Releasing ‘Psychic Rockers From The West Group’ Box Set

(By Pat ‘Riot’Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

Maryland’s most favored rock sons Clutch will release a six-disc set entitled ‘Psychic Rockers From The West Group‘ next week on June 23rd.  

The 5 CD / 1 DVD package contains The Bakerton Group’s (Clutch’s instrumental blues jam side project) ‘El Rojo’ , ‘Strange Cousins From The West‘, ‘Earth Rocker Deluxe (2 CD + 1 DVD) and the band’s latest release, ‘Psychic Warfare.

The collection is a limited release, with each one hand numbered and signed on the back by all band members.

This limited edition set will be released through the band’s own Weathermaker Music label and can be pre-ordered via

In more Clutch-related news, the band have released some official live footage of themselves performing “WYSIWYG” at Shiley Acres in Inwood, WV. Check it out:


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