BLACK ROAD Beckons ‘Bloody Mary’ Via Band’s First Official Video

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

Chicago’s musically mystical occult stoner/doom unit Black Road invite you to tread terra retro via their first official video, ‘Bloody Mary‘.  

The new single is a pulsating tune laden with ruts of fuzzed riffs, vintage vibes and some bluesy vocals. It’s the band’s first offering from their upcoming self-titled EP, due out later this year.

Black Road – a.k.a. Tim M. (guitar), Suzi Uzi (vocals/lyrics), Casey Papp (bass) and Robert Gonzales (drums), were captured in their element for this visualizer. ‘Bloody Mary‘ was filmed, directed, and edited by Don Corthier.

The new single is available now via Bandcamp at this location.

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