KILLING VOLTS ‘Why Should I Say Yes?’ EP Review, Stream & Video Premiere

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor,

With plenty of nouveau swagger and new wave-y flare comes the Geneva, Switzerland quartet Killing Volts.  

The fab foursome have just burst onto the global music scene with their four-song début EP, ‘Why Should I Say Yes?‘ and I’m smitten with their unique heavy rock flavor.

Born in 2013, Killing Volts are led by Tania Silversen (ex-Solartones) and Al Castro (The Black Widow’s Project) with two other musicians Onne Wan (Las Furias) and Matt Sink (also of The Black Widow’s Project). What they bring down to bear on this introductory album is some incredibly high energy rock ‘n roll.

Three originals, ‘Never Insecure, ‘Ponyhorn‘ and ‘I Got A Somethin” plus one freaking phenomenal reinterpretation of Soft Cell‘s ‘Tainted Love‘, and we have this astounding, seemingly magical EP.

The band’s sonic output manages to blend some alternative-driven fuzz rock, great guitar grooves, pounding rhythms and super strong vocals into this raging rock album.

Stream/purchase Killing Volts ‘Why Should I Say Yes?‘ via the Bandcamp embed below and check out their new official video for ‘Never Insecure also. So come on and get your ass fried with the unstoppable wattage of Killing Volts now!

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