NIBIRU ‘Caosgon – 2017 Edition’ Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

“Psyche-Italia” best describes the mind-bending, seeming lysergic-laden head drama incurred by Italy’s sonic explorers in NIBIRU.  

Much like their pioneering brethren in UFOMAMMUT, Ardath (guitars, percussion, vocals), Ri (bass, drone, synthesizers) and L.C. Chertan (drums), also known as NIBIRU, are modern-day shaman.  I make such a comparison because what the trio creates is light years surpassed what most currently call music today.

Nearly two weeks ago, on July 7th to be exact, Argonauta Records re-released a very nicely augmented, enhanced version of NIBIRU’s 2013 album, “Caosgon“.  The newly re-tooled, extended edition of the stunning landmark has been remastered, is graced with stunning new artwork and contains an unreleased bonus track from the original recording sessions.  This new formatting is now known by the designation “Caosgon – 2017 Edition“.

Ultimately, what’s contained on the now six song offering is a truly remarkable entry into some otherworldly realm.  At the center of that mysterious expanse is the most truest state of the pioneering spirit itself.

Throwing all conventional limitations to the cosmic winds, NIBIRU tap into some ambient nether region of the human subconsciousness.  What they search out there eventually takes the form of the stunning sonicscape that is this “Caosgon – 2017 Edition“.

Powerful, third eye-opening manipulations of reality such as “Invokation/The Acid Skull” or the life altering “Aster Argos“, are constructed with a seemingly unearthly inspiration.  The latter is a slowly swirling vortex of hypnotic rhythms, sludgeoned aggression and hazy, auto-tuned vocalizations (with the occasional guttural as well).

Other stopovers are as equally foreign to the human ear, such as, “Invokation IV: Heru, Khentan, Maati“.  The Doors-meet-Horseback in this heady deluge of dystopian drone with demonic vocals. Increasing tempos, dizzying vibes and outright “bad trip” complexities relentlessly assault your senses for the near seven minute duration.

These are but my own inadequate, attempted descriptive sampling, ones that lack the impact of hearing NIBIRU‘s “Caosgon – 2017 Edition” for yourself.  And truth is, that is exactly what one must do to even begin to grasp or conceptualize the depth of the music contained thereon.

So suit up, psychonauts as your window for launch is now open via the Soundcloud embedded stream of this CD/DD below.  Perhaps you would like your ticket to ride now, huh?  If so, you can purchase NIBIRU‘s “Caosgon – 2017 Edition” through Argonauta Records now at this location.

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