NIBIRU ‘Qaal Babalon’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

It has been a little over two months since I tackled this year’s Argonauta Records‘ re-release of NIBIRU‘s Caosgon-2017 Edition‘ (review here).

Now, the trio of Ardath, Ri, and L.C. Chertan, aka NIBIRU, are back with ‘Qaal Babalon‘. The 4-song recording was once again dropped via Argonauta on September 22nd and I have had the frightening experience of listening to it multiple times for this dissection.

Dissection is absolutely the appropriate term too because this music seems capable of peeling the flesh from your bones. To be honest, its experimental nature is not at all that uncommon these days. Just listen to acts like Ufomammut, Oranssi Pazuzu, Bong, Dark Buddha Rising, or hell, go back to the pioneering godfathers themselves, Neurosis, and you’ll find ample journeyman out there. But, with that said, NIBIRU does have several other advantages giving them a leg up over similar bands.

First and foremost in that empowering uniqueness benefiting them are the bleakly blackened overtones emanating in their music. Their presence results in a palpable foreboding from just upon hearing them. With a volatile melding of ambient sludge, doom, psychedelia, and electronica, the best example here is the introductory, nineteen-minute-plus “Oroch“.

The feedback-y, effect-laden intro immediately evokes a vibe of pure sonic evil. An Exorcist-like voice and a throated demonic one alternate between some spoken word passages and growls. This is all while a churning deluge of discordant sonic swirl beneath them. Things eventually transform into more drone-type psyche doom music.

As is always the case with NIBIRU, far, far outside-of-the-box creativity and experimentation take the day. From the horrific, tribal-tinged crush of “Faboan” – the shortest track at a little under eleven minutes in length – to the sinister psychedelia of “Oxex“, these evil vibes are relentless.

To truly fathom or comprehend the hellish content of NIBIRU‘s ‘Qaal Babalon‘, you must hear it for yourself. There’s a chance it might cause your bowels to release in abject terror or fright but if you dare, here’s your chance. So, if you think you have the spinal fortitude and needed courage to take it on, right here you go. You’ve been warned.

Find more NIBIRU on Bandcamp.

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