TARPIT ORCHESTRA ‘Damn Music’ EP Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Finland always seems to provide the world some amazingly good, if not great, killer rock ‘n roll.  That is the case yet again, with the recently issued four-song “Damn Music” EP from Tarpit Orchestra, released back in late May.  

Now roughly in their tenth year of activity, the band is back with a heavy hitting short player of solidly crafted music.  The quartet at the core of Tarpit Orchestra for their latest recording is Antti Pikkarainen (vocals), Toni Tervonen (guitars), Teppo Luosujärvi (bass) and Toni Kaattari (drums).

What T.O. pull off here is an energetic blending of stoner/ desert/ hard rock with nicely infused boogie and blues at times.  It’s chunky, chugging and challenges the listener to check it out and not get engaged somehow, on some level.

From the non-stop riffs and grooves of “The Passenger“, with its lower register vocals and constant energy, things begin to flow freely.  There’s the doom and blues tune “In The Court Of The Uncrowned King“, a number possessing Sleep-influenced guitars and inescapable hooks.  Or the heavier turn toward southern doominess and boosted grooves on the magnificent “Man’s Ruin“.

Perhaps sweat-breaking tempos and dizzying time signatures are what you’re seeking.  If so, then the EP-ending title track “Damn Music” will certainly see you through… and toss in a little psyche spaciness, too.

The point I’m trying to make is this, if you are a fan of heavy, no bullshit rock and roll, then Tarpit Orchestra have got exactly what you need.  It’s called “Damn Music” and it damn sure rocks.

You can find it streaming via the Bandcamp embed below or available for purchase here.

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