HUMANITIES / LOW SUN ‘Human Sun’ Split EP Review

Humanities & Low Sun - Human Sun EP

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The result of a collaboration between Low Sun and HUMANITIES is the four-song ‘Human Sun‘ split EP, two Toronto, Canada-based bands who both possess an affinity for dynamic creativity.

That creativity finds its outlet here with two tracks from each band, combined for this recently released split from label Art Of The Uncarved Block.

First up are the dual offerings from HUMANITIES, “Drone War Data Nil” and “First Things Thirst“. Both are deeply rooted in Alternative and Post-Rock and Post-Hardcore styling with touches of psychedelia and ambient texturing. They nearly lull you into an alternate mode with melodic nuances before removing the restraints. Once the chains are off, pulsating rhythms and buzzing guitars push their advance, while effect-heavy vocals wail. The stand-out selection is: “First Things Thirst“.

Next up comes the two cuts from Low Sun, “Into Sun” and “Sacred Grove“. Things are immediately noticeable as a totally different sound and style from their predecessors. Still in the vein of Post or Alt. Rock, things are much more stripped down as the first song seems at times oversimplified. To the point and more precise with more basic elements, possibly just vocals (Dylanesque ones on the first song), guitar and drums, there’s an almost punk rock-ish vibe at times. Stand-out selection: “Into Sun“.

HUMANITIES / Low Sun‘s ‘Human Sun‘ is a nice breather away from the sometimes stagnant barrage of mediocre music that permeates things these days.  Both bands are so uniquely different from one another that it adds to the enjoyment factor here, too.

So, if you’re seeking something different, then right here you go. Check it out either via the Bandcamp embedded stream below or maybe you are ready to purchase now… do that at Art Of The Uncarved Block.


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