BLURRING ‘Cloud Burner’ EP Review

Blurring EP

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Blurring‘s Dan Lilker has been a music idol of mine since I first discovered him in S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death) and Nuclear Assault way back when. Many folks don’t realize that Dan was a founding member of Anthrax, although most do know about his later years in Brutal Truth, Malformed Earthborn, Exit-13, Ravenous, Extra Hot Sauce, Venomous Concept, etc.

When Lilker turned 50 back in 2014, he announced his retirement from active touring, opting instead to focus more upon recording projects. One of those such projects is the Rochester, New York-based Blurring, who are back with their sophomore recording, ‘Cloud Burner‘.

Joining bassist Dan in rounding out the band’s roster are vocalist Mark Welden, drummer Erik Burke, and guitarists Scott DAgostino and Mathew Colbert. The resumé of acts that this motley crew of musicians lays claim to is truly impressive and includes ex-Sulaco, Lethargy, Kalibas, United Forces, and several others.

What we are here to discuss is Blurring, a band that specializes in something that Lilker has always excelled at… damnably heavy Grindcore! Blurring is quite an appropriate band name, one they surely knew had a connection with the style of music they play when it was selected. This is not just speed for the sake of speedy playing, not by any stretch of the imagination.




There is prevalent technicality embedded into the music.  Despite the dizzying time signatures and harsh vocals, it is there. It is enveloped in somewhat experimental elements like those found on the fantastic “Casket Black” or the amazing title track end piece, “Cloud Burner“.

Some less disciplined music fans will not be able to appreciate the talent riveted into these compositions, of course. Ones that have not had the years to train their ears to discern what is truly elevated playing may mistakenly cast this aside as “noise”, or what have you. Their folly will limit and condemn them to a purgatory of mediocre music then. So be it.

Don’t be such a dimwitted dullard, my friend. You have the opportunity to now go dive headlong into the dissonant grind metal cesspool of Blurring‘s “Cloud Burner” below. The Bandcamp embedded stream of this five-song effort awaits to take you further into the underground, perhaps further than ever before.

You can order the new EP at Blurring‘s Bandcamp page. Enjoy the grind spectacular!



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