STONERROR S/T Release Review, Stream & Official Video

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Straight out of the school of music that traces its origins back to the desert rock frontiersmen Kyuss comes Kraków, Poland’s Stonerror.   

I must admit, I am just discovering the band via their sophomore release, an eight-song self-titled effort, issued back in February. My late-in-the-game recognition is kind of surprising, too, as the band’s 2016 release, ‘Rattlesnake Moan’, received rave reviews from many reputable sites.

With their latest S/T release, Łukasz Mazur (vocals), Jarosław Daniel (guitar), Jacek Malczewski (bass) and Maciej Ołownia (drums), have crafted a fantastically multifaceted album, indeed.

Sure, there will be obvious comparisons to Kyuss, Dozer, Colour Haze and the like, hell, I made one myself at the start here.  While valid, this quartet are well on their way to setting themselves apart and nicely defining their own individuality.  They do so with their remarkable compositions, ones that emanate layers of textural depth and emotive presence.

It also helps that Stonerror just plain damn rock!  Songs like “Red Tank“, “God’s Guns” and “The Ride” are sweat-soaked, energetic numbers.  They are literally jam-packed with just that, tightly packed jamming and airy vocals.  They paint musically upon broad canvases, using flare and accentuation to produce thrilling aural masterpieces.

For each note of sonic brawn though, there is an equally muscular flexing of psychedelia.  For me personally, that is where I find Stonerror excelling the most, in their composing incredible head pieces.

The hypnotic haziness of stellar standouts like “The Wolf“, “Los Hermanos” and the mind-altering, album ending “Blues For The Red Sea” are powerful.  Each ripples with enthralling lysergic touches and seeming otherworldly transmissions.  My favorite cut of the eight, without a doubt, is the ominously enveloping “Sierra Morena” (Official Video below).

This track best represents all the admirable qualities of the band and how they wield them in a palpable presentation.  Laid back psych aspects that lull you into an opiate-like trance, but then give way to crunchy heaviness.  So much, in fact, that it shudders you to the core when the guys buckle down and break it out.

So, you call yourself a Stoner Rock fan, huh?  Claim you have an unwavering appreciation for the greats and know who each of them are by name?  Yeah, I thought the same, too.  You’d best make room for one more.

Poland’s Stonerror have broken the mold and branched far, far out on this ultra-kickass eponymous titled effort.  It took a bit to land on my radar, but better late than never, and I expect there’s more to come.

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