BUSHFIRE Debuts Animated ‘Zombi’ Video; To Release ‘When Darkness Comes’ Album In December

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

It has been a long four years since we last heard new music from the Darmstadt, Germany magnificence that is the band Bushfire.  

That happened to be their second full-length release at the time, ‘Heal Thy Self’, a more than proper follow-up to its equally astounding predecessor, ‘Black Ash Sunday’.  To be honest, Bushfire are probably one of hard rock’s best bands that you have more than likely never heard of.  

I say that, because I remember exactly how smitten by them I was, when I discovered those aforementioned albums around that same time many years ago.  We now learn that the two guitar, five member band are back, albeit with new blood coursing in their veins.

Returning guitarists Marcus Bischoff and Miguel Pereira, along with vocalist Bill Brown, are now joined by a new rhythm section, Vincenzo Russo (bass) and Sascha Holz (drums).  With the new membership comes the welcome news of an upcoming third full-length record on the horizon, as well.

That offering, titled “When Darkness Comes“, is expected to drop sometime around the middle of December 2017.  There are not a lot of details to share at this time, as in artwork or track list.  What is known is that the record was recorded at Lofthaus Studios in Darmstadt, Germany and mastered by none other than Tony Reed (Mos Generator) at HeavyHead Recording Company, Seattle, WA.

Oh, there is this too… an animated official video première for a track titled “Zombi” from ‘When Darkness Comes’.  The song itself is the best evidence available for substantiating claims about what a stellar band Bushfire is.

The brawny, muscular chunk of Clutch-like riff rock and equally beefy vocals leaves no doubt as to this totally DIY-driven unit’s worth in the grand scheme of things.  Yes, it is true, Bushfire have totally called all of their own shots behind three demo EPs and two album releases, complete tours, amazing shows, airplay and much more without any labels or management… ever.

Even more reason to respect them, along with this amazing audio / visual reason to absolutely admire and love them as well.

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