MISCONDUCTERS New Album ‘Pariah’ Due In September

Misconducters Den

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The underground Brazilian (and previously British) crossover metal act Misconducters will release their fifth studio album ‘Pariah‘ beginning in September.

The band, which has been active since 2008, is a well-known entity in the off-the-radar metal community. It has always been the brainchild of its founder and consistent contributor, Den. After four previous full-length releases and four EPs, ‘Pariah‘ is sure to please fans of music blending elements of metal, hard rock, punk, and hardcore.

The ‘Pariah‘ album features eight tracks, with seven originals, plus the first cover song ever to be recorded by the Misconducters. The cover is a version of Inner Terrestrials’ “Battlefield“. It and the band’s original composition, “Top Of The Chain“, are both streaming below via Bandcamp embed. (When the digital album is released, note there are five tracks streaming, not the full eight.)

The album features exclusive artwork created by Steve Otis at Productions Maeve. ‘Pariah’ is due for digital release on September 5th, at the MisconductersBandcamp page, and on CD in October via MS Metal.


Misconducters Pariah
‘Pariah’ Tracklist:

01. Skyline
02. Top Of The Chain
03. Battlefield
04. Pariah
05. Born Down South
06. Vermifuge II
07. Pace Of Life
08. See Beyond



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