FALSE GODS ‘Wasteland’ EP Review

False Gods Wasteland EP

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From the gritty underbelly of Patchogue, New York came the five-song ‘Wasteland‘ EP début from False Godsback in 2016.

The band, which is composed of former members of Skeletondealer, consists of vocalist Mike Stack, guitarist Greg March, bassist Brian “Bro Town” Krasinkey, and drummer Paulie Stack. What the quartet does here is to create a rich concoction of groovened sludge, post-hardcore heaviness, and throat-wrenched vocals.

False Gods just self-released their new album ‘Reports From Oblivion‘ back in August. I’ll soon be reviewing it and we’ll see how it contrasts with last year’s effort when the time comes. Until then, let’s look back at last year’s ‘Wasteland‘ début.

Taking their motto of “If it’s too slow, you’re too young…” to task on ‘Wasteland’, the guys keep things tamped down with ruts of riffs and pulsing rhythms. The songs themselves twist, turn and entwine themselves into your skull rather nicely. Once there, they take deep root and are almost impossible to shake once heard.

If you are a fan of such bands like Crowbar, Integrity, HAARP, or EyeHateGod, then you are definitely going to dig this. Despite their northern aggression, False Gods channel a nice southern doom influence on their sonic assault here. It heaves and wretches forth a punk-flavoring at some points, too, like on my favorite track of the five, “Worship As Intellectual Tyranny“.

It’s followed by another fantastic stand-out song, the multi-genre exploring, EP-ending “I Can See You For What You Truly Are“. Laden with psychedelic tinting and a bit more melodic nuance, this one ends things with content that False Gods would do well to explore further at some point.

So, come take a knee at the altar of aural density, beg favor from False Gods, and stream ‘Wasteland‘ now, via the Bandcamp embed below. You can snag the effort there as well for less than $5 USD, which means right at a dollar per song. That’s one hell of a better return than tossing your cash into the local church coffers, I’d be willing to wager.



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