RR Presents: EMBER ‘271’ EP Visual Series Episode 1 [Video]

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

The realization of my long-dreamed-of project finally manifests as Riff Relevant has been kind enough to indulge me in a “ride-along” with Birmingham, Alabama’s Ember to record their new ‘271‘ EP for Doomsayer Records.

Yes, as I’ve hyped and hollered about for the last couple of weeks or so, Ember‘s Erik Bigelow, Crystal Bigelow, Craig Shadix, and Jeremy Allen have granted access to their current adventures.

The launch of the series begins with the band’s departure from their ‘Bama HQ on their way to Ledbelly Sound Studio in Lilburn, GA. Most of you band folks know the music life ain’t all glitz and glamour (if at all, LMAO!) and we see firsthand how a blue-collar band deals with the trials of traveling the road, on a mission.

That mission is, of course, to get to the studio and get to recording, which they do here in Episode 1. Once there, Ember is joined by the soundboard shot-caller, engineer Matt Washburn and the creativity then starts to flow. Come on in, get settled, and check out the insightful start of our series, Ember ‘271’ EP In-Studio Recording Visual SeriesEpisode 1*!

Episode 1*: “Day One” Video:

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