RIFF RELEVANT Presents: EMBER ‘271’ EP Recording In-Studio Visual Series; Episode 3 [Video]

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Hello, All!  Welcome back for Episode 3 of our ongoing series with Alabama-based atmospheric doomers, Ember.  They have been ensconced within the walls of Ledbelly Sound Studio in the State of Georgia working on their new EP for Doomsayer Records.  

That EP, titled “271“, will be released before year’s end and we are in the middle of seeing it being brought to vivid, sonic life right before our very eyes.  In today’s look-in, we see the lighter side of our somber musicians, vocalist Crystal Bigelow, drummer Erik Bigelow, bassist Jeremy Allen and guitarist Craig Shadix surface as they work.

Speaking of which, we see some nice footage of the band’s new guitarist, Craig, contributing his part to the process.  This is the band’s first recording with Craig, but I have no doubt whatsoever that he, the band and studio engineer, Matt Washburn, are making bona-fide magic here!

So, you’re all caught up… now come behold the last stage of the musicians playing the music needed to record “271“.  From here, things will go into post with the mixing, mastering and other components.

We will see more of that in Episodes 4 – 6.  For now, welcome to the Riff Relevant Presents: Ember “271” EP Recording In-Studio Visual Series: Episode 3*!

Be here Wednesday, September 13th for Part 4!  Make sure not to miss Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.

Episode 3*: “Day 3” Video:

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