MOURNING SIGN ‘Nest Of Vipers’ Maxi-Single Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Stockholm, Sweden’s Mourning Sign have resurfaced with a new two-song offering for your listening enjoyment.   

The “Nest Of Vipers” Maxi-Single dropped back in late August and is creating some nice buzz in all the right places since.  The band is currently composed of Robert Pörschke (vocals), Kari Kainulainen (guitars), Petri Aho (guitars, bass), Thomas Gardh (guitars, bass), and Henrik Persson (drums).

For their new effort, the quintet have crafted two tightly knit tracks of intensified heavy metal.  Those tracks, “Nest Of Vipers” and “These Scars“, are composed of epic, sweeping Black Metal and semi-Death Metal content.  There’s definitely elements of Thrash and groove metal attached at their roots, as well.  Rippling with fierce speed, the numbers unfurl at breakneck paces while the guttural, throat-gutting vocals remain harsh for their duration.

There are periodic breaks of more melodic content, like a nice bridge in the title song while track two has a firmer hold on some lighter moments.  All of it is offset by the blistering speeds and subsequent momentum that the band achieves, yet makes seem effortless.

The “Nest Of Vipers” Maxi-Single is the first new release from Mourning Sign since their limited contribution to the 2016 Compilation, Last Chamber / Alienor, from the Dark Symphonies imprint.  Before that, it had been over twenty years since the band released a full-length studio album.  That would’ve been Mourning Sign‘s second official full-length LP Multiverse, released by Godhead Recordings in 1996.

For a perverse taste of some whiplash-inducing speed metal with blatantly extreme overtones, stream Mourning Sign‘s “Nest Of Vipers” via the Bandcamp embed below. Enjoy!

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