GALACTIC COWBOYS Debuts “Internal Masquerade” Video From First New LP In 17 Years

(Pic Courtesy Of Stephanie Cabral)
Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Nineties era progressive rockers Galactic Cowboys and its reunited original lineup — lead vocalist Ben Huggins, drummer and vocalist Alan Doss, guitarist and vocalist Dane Sonnier, and vocalist/ bassist Monty Colvin — will release their first new album in seventeen years, Long Way Back To The Moon, on November 17th. It will be issued through Music Theories Recordings/ Mascot Label Group.

Galactic Cowboys are premiering their new Official Video for a song from the album, “Internal Masquerade“, today. The song hearkens back to the first wave of music the Houston, TX-based act delivered to music fans. The band clearly still possesses their traditional sound and overall musical styling like that heard on their last studio record, 2000’s Let It Go.

Long Way Back To The Moon‘ is a completely organic recording, one engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by the band – who also did all the artwork. One trapping of contemporary production set aside by the band was an over-reliance on studio trickery as there’s no Pro-Tools, drum triggers, vocal auto-tuning, etc. were used.


“In The Clouds”
“Internal Masquerade”
“Blood In My Eyes”
“Next Joke”
“Hate Me”
“Losing Ourselves”
“Long Way Back To The Moon”
“Believing The Hype” (Bonus Track)
“Say Goodbye To Utopia” (Bonus Track)

Ultimately, the new record will serve a dual purpose in providing older fans of the band a glorious return to form. Galactic Cowboys have always been a unique group that explored myriad music genres and melded elements of them into their own stand-alone sound. Those fans that remember that trait will find it is the same approach used by the band now, same as then.

On the other hand, music fans that may be unfamiliar with Galactic Cowboys will have the opportunity to discover them for the first time with “Long Way Back To The Moon“. In turn, getting a chance to enjoy an iconic band that’s now grasping for greatness again, garnering their due recognition yet once more.

Let it begin… again. Pre-order CD/2LP/T-shirt bundles and more at:


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