NEKROHOWL ‘Epitome Of Morbid’ EP Review & Select Song Streams

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

Dhaka, Bangladesh-based Nekrohowl are a band of young, hungry musicians that excel a crafting vicious, oldschool style Death Metal. After a Demo quality release in 2016, guitarist / vocalist Obliterator, bassist Sadist and drummer Warmonger return with their official debut release. Their 5-song “Epitome Of Morbid” EP will drop and detonate upon listeners come September 30th.

That claim is not just hype either, my friends because this music is as savage as it gets when it comes to modern DM. With the intricacy of Suffocation, sheer gruesomeness of Autopsy, belligerent tone of Immolation and vitriolic intensity of Morbid Angel, Nekrohowl are hear to ruin your groove. Not merely just ruin it but to stomp, crush and obliterate it into a scattering of fragmented remnants.

Comprised of the most extreme elements in metal, tumultuous tempests of neck-wrenching riffs, rhythms and rapid fire drums assault your senses. The agony they inflict is the equivalent of being hit head-on by runaway train, one that reverses and rolls you asunder several times to make sure you know its been here.

You can stream 2 of the five songs, “Blasphemy Still Unnamed” and “Mortal Incubation“, via the Bandcamp embed below. Do so at your own risk for even in this lessened state, the two tracks possess enough homicidal yield in them to kill countless where they stand.

Release Formats:
Digipak CD – Self Released
Cassette – Diabolicurst Productions (Malaysia), Asian Release
CD, Cassette & Vinyl – Slaughter House Records (USA)

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