71TONMAN ‘Earthwreck’ Album Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

From Wroclaw, Poland with doom comes the crushing new offering from 71TONMAN titled ‘Earthwreck‘ and released through Black Bow Records on Sept. 22nd. This is a body and soul-obliterating sonic heaviness through and through. It is sludgy, with pulverizing, downtrodden density that crushes all within its path.

The band’s membership, K.K., M.Z., T.G., J.W., and K.J., have birthed six excessively lengthy numbers within the eight and a half minutes to eleven and a half minute range. Within each, the plodding, firmly compacted contents are under such pressure they seem to leak and ooze heaviness. Slowly advancing like an armored Panzer division, the tracks roll over everything before them.

Oppressively sinister guitars, monstrously malevolent rhythms, and steadfastly harrowing drums drive this behemoth. The vocals are especially terse with their layers of diversified delivery. They range from a massively deep, low-end guttural to a more throat-shredding, gargle-y type.

The band’s second official release, ‘Earthwreck’ is an aptly titled effort that finds 71TONMAN‘s aural evolution in a full sting. Their sloth-like approach to music yields a devastatingly suffocating album. Stream it now via the Bandcamp embed below but be prepared to submit before this doomened mutation. Purchase here.

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