Argonauta Records Announces Release Of WASTED THEORY’s ‘Defenders Of The Riff-2017 Edition’

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

The U.S.’ hellaciously heavy-as-all-get-out stoner rockers Wasted Theory will re-release their critically acclaimed sophomore album.  Last year’s record, now titled “Defenders Of The Riff – 2017 Edition“, will see issue on November 17th via Argonauta Records.

The new version of the album is enhanced with two new tracks along with the original ten songs.  These two unreleased bonus cuts are cover songs, one of The Four Horseman’s “Rockin’ Is Ma’ Business” (also re-imagined by Alabama Thunderpussy) and Nazareth’s “Changin’ Times“.

(On the down low, between us, Leanne and I have heard both and we both agree that they are incredible.  Their inclusion makes this a cool little collectors piece for music lovers or for all diehard fans, either one.)

Pre-orders for “Defenders Of The Riff – 2017 Edition” from Wasted Theory and Argonauta Records are active now at this location.

While you’re here, check out the band’s Official Video for “Black Witch Blues” from the album below.

You can also check out Wasted Theory’s own Brendan Burns‘ ‘drummer spotlight’ interview series Four On The Floor” right here on Riff Relevant.


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