ELECTRIC BEARD OF DOOM Invites Riff Relevant For A Visit!

Article By: Leanne Ridgeway

Last week, I was invited to join the illustrious Electric Beard Of Doom to participate as a guest for Episode 93 of his damned amazing radio podcast. Man, was that a fun time!

Truth be told, I was dumbstruck to be asked to guest spot on his show. Pat Harrington is a legendary gentleman in the underground heavy music world. His résumé boasts years of glorious riffage, notably starting well back into the early 2000s as the guitarist with the NYC band Slunt, later on with Killcode.

His main gig now is where he seems to have found his musical listening joy, namely being the voice and man behind the long-running Electric Beard of Doom radio podcast, and the lead beard in the heavy blues wonderment of Geezer.

While I could ramble on all day about Geezer, this evening I’d like to focus on the Electric Beard of Doom show and my first visit to his studio. I’m still not sure why he invited me to join him, but it sounded like a fun time and I thought I could learn a lot – so I jumped headfirst into it. I’ve met Pat Harrington a few times at various live shows where Geezer performed. Not only is he a remarkably friendly man, but the guy simply exudes ‘cool & relaxed’.

Last week was no exception, as he immediately welcomed me into his private studio and then introduced me to his family, where his son knocked me over with an adorable-superpower not typically possessed by humans. He stuck out his hand for a shake and confidently stated “Welcome to Kingston, it’s nice to meet you.” How does one prevent immediate melting from this?

Apparently, there is a ‘thou must chill’ force field surrounding the studio of Mr. Harrington (maybe it was the rum, but I have my doubts), as within ten minutes we were yapping like old fogies at a yard sale clucking over the fifteen-cent fake bouquets and I lost any semblance of my standard shyness. It was a fine time.

Our conversation included heavy music, festivals, bands, and some notable figures blazing trails in the underground music scenes around the globe. I won’t discuss specifics of what we talked about, you’ll have to listen to the show for that.

Pat had asked me to choose a few songs for the episode, which he set up in advance with his own selections. We did ‘World Premiere’ airing of a brand-spankin’ new tune by Wasted Theory, one of the bonus songs included as a special treat on their upcoming re-release on Argonauta Records (info here). On to the show!

Here’s the alphabetical list of all the other bands whose tracks we played:

Angus Black | Clouds Taste Satanic| Demon Eye | Greenbeard | IAmFire | Interstelar | Kadavar | KIND | Mos Generator | Motherslug | Radio Moscow | Sasquatch | Shroud Eater | Spacelord | Spaceslug | The Age Of TruthWith The Dead | Wo Fat | Year Of The Cobra

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If any issue with the embed, you can listen via the link:


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