RESCUE RANGERS ‘Join Hate’ Review & Stream

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

French band Rescue Rangers released their third studio effort, “Join Hate“, via F200 Records back on September 1st. To be honest, I’d never heard any music from the band other than the track “Creeper, The One Who Creeps” from their 2012 release, Manitoba. I’ll address that introduction in the next paragraph. But, it is always better late than never to discover killer music though and based on “Join Hate“, I’m glad I came on board and need to seek out their earlier material at some point.

See, it was that earlier material, and the band too of course, that garnered them the interest and admiration of some interesting rock luminaries. For example, desert rock rebel Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Mondo Generator, Dwarves) was so impressed with Rescue Rangers after seeing them in 2012 that he invited them to support him on tour in North America. They did and then he later appeared on the aforementioned song from their previous release, Manitoba. It was during that tour that another Rescue Rangers enamored soul became known, Page Hamilton of Helmet.

So enamored in fact that Page produced this album, “Join Hate“, and I’m sure that RR‘s Pascal Mascheroni (guitar, vocals), Manu Martinez (bass) and Julien Martinez (drums), could not be happier. Their all uniting in the studio for this long-player was a perfect match too as it is evident that Helmet’s own music has somewhat influenced this music.

(Pic Courtesy Of François Guery)

See, that’s the genius of Rescue Rangers and their “Join Hate” album, the music it contains is a potent blend of varied styles and genres. The combustible Post / Noise Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk, Grunge, Garage and even touches of Pop-like moments here are infectious as can be.

Containing 12 tracks yet clocking in around the twenty-six minute mark playing time, there is zero filler on this LP. Stacked and packed with buzzing, stinging guitars, rapid fire rhythms and vocals both sung and screamed, this is the best in unhinged rock and roll. Massive amounts of angst, aggression, energy and emotion drive this record right into your head.

From the one-two knockout punch of title track “Join Hate“, an explosive barrage of aggro-punk, and the immediate one-eighty of “Khalil“, you’re caught. The latter’s smoother grooves and airy aesthetics are an addictive delight that will sink their hooks deep into your being.

There are some intensely remarkable, fiercely fantastic tracks taking place here, ones like “Malcontent“, “Keep Smiling” and “Tiger” for example. My own highlights come with two in particular, the cocksure swagger of “Choke” and the feel good shit of the summer, “Broken Faces“.

My recommendation is you just go ahead and take Rescue Ranger‘s “Join Hate” for a spin now via the Bandcamp embed below. Do so with an open mind and I think you too will jump headfirst on to the bandwagon of people, including myself, that dig this incredibly enjoyable record.

Recommended if you like Helmet, (early) Smashing Pumpkins, Quicksand or Nirvana.

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