DREADNOUGHT ‘A Wake In Sacred Waves’ Review & Stream; Tour Dates

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer, RiffRelevant.com)

Denver, Colorado’s Dreadnought evidently must take their hometown’s motto of “The Mile High City” to heart in their music. The progressive nature of it is miles high, or beyond, what many other supposed progressive acts are doing these days. Yet, clearly there is a juxtaposition of directions transpiring here on their new offering, “A Wake In Sacred Waves“, which was released on Oct. 6th.

For every high there is a low, for every avenue in one direction, there is a turn onto the opposite heading. For every ferocious metallic moment there is an equally savage atmospheric one. Truth is, these four rather lengthy numbers are alive with the dichotomy of duality. They soar and then slither, they transcend then intertwine with an ever-flowing fluidity in their presentation.

The quartet delivering these incessantly shifting aural moods are Kelly Schilling (Guitar, Flute, Clean / Harsh Vocals), Jordan Clancy (Drums, Alto / Tenor Saxophone), Kevin Handlon (Bass, Mandolin) and Lauren Vieira (Keys, Clean Vocals). What they have created here is nothing short of astoundingly impressive and completely enthralling. Elaborate texturing ripples throughout the recording, much of it achieved due to a variety of different instruments as you can see.

Another obvious component of the multifaceted nature of these songs is the vocal differentials applied to them. They are borne of Schilling’s own asymmetrical deliveries, ones that are sweetly clean one minute then piercingly harsh the next, to Vieira’s own angelic utterances. Like the music bolstering them, they are the superbly suited sounds that connect with that music in a way that is craftily alluring.

Experience them and much, much more by streaming this powerful opus now via the Soundcloud embed here. It is guaranteed to take you on an exploratory journey that most will never experience without hearing this recording. You will find an ordering link for Dreadnought‘s “A Wake In Sacred Waves” below along with the remaining dates (resuming tonight) of their western U.S. tour with InAeona.

CD and digital orders:

Dreadnought & InAeona tour dates:

October 26 Eugene, OR Old Nick’s Pub
October 27 Chico, CA Lost on Main
October 28 Sacramento, CA The Blue Lamp
October 29 Oakland, CA Golden Bull
October 31 San Diego, CA The Merrow
November 1 Las Vegas, NV The Garth
November 2 Salt Lake City, UT Metro Music Hall
November 3 Cheyenne, WY TBA
November 4 Denver, CO Hi Dive
November 5 Colorado Springs, CO Triple Nickel

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