FREEWAYS ‘Cold Front’ EP Review & Stream

Article By: Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker ‡ Edited By: Leanne Ridgeway

Canadian hard rock band Freeways embody every jot and title of the tags that get tossed around every day like “retro”, “vintage” or “classic”. While most times such descriptions are used, it’s a half-hearted, lukewarm attempt to identify something using very little imagination. But in this case, they’re all applicable and there is no mistaking the power of Freeways‘ recent EP release.

The 3-song ‘Cold Front‘ moved in with some immediate spine-tingling results on October 19th from Heavy Chains Records & Tapes. The trio of tracks is clearly the byproduct of an upbringing on the Seventies and Eighties rock and roll. Those vibes are undeniable and truth is, who would want to deny them?

Pulling pages from the playbook of bands like Blue Öyster Cult, UFO, Triumph, or Ted Nugent, Freeways lead you down a road of fantastic modern rock. From the blues ‘n boogie of the opener “One For The Road” to the dizzying, cutting loose style of the heady title track, this is music that makes one nostalgic.

By the time the galloping chugger “Drag City” unleashes its melodic intensity, albeit with tight turns and creative curves, your appetite is more than whetted. This track is my favorite of the three here, the grooving riffs and fiery guitars, solid, impacting rhythms, and swagger-laden vocals are just thrilling.

Take [the] Freeways to the open road of the ‘Cold Front‘ EP by way of the Bandcamp embedded route below. There’s a possible pro/con scenario for some in the notion that this seems to be a Cassette-Only release at this time but you know what? This is music that more than justifies the purchase, restoration, or just plain ol’ digging out, of a cassette player

Purchase it through the Bandcamp link below or at Heavy Chains Records & Tapes.

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